Rhythm Kids 6-8 year olds

Kendra Cogert, Center Director
Online (location info)
Wednesday, 4:00 PM
10/07/20 - 12/02/20 (8 weeks)

Drum! Dance! Sing!

An interactive drum and rhythm-based music program for children 6-8 years old (First & Second Grade)

Your child will explore rhythm by playing with music from around the world. Music Together® trained teachers lead dynamic virtual classroom activities designed especially for early elementary students, and the discovery continues after class with the interactive Rhythm Kids videos, easily viewable on our app.


As they drum, sing, and move to new rhythms, children naturally build musicality that helps them prepare for formal music lessons. Opportunities to solo, work in ensembles, and improvise support social and listening skills, self-expression, and self-confidence which contribute to success in school and in life.